Thursday, 13 September 2018


I prefer to make love to my husband than have sex, making love is "haaawwwt". Every part of you is involved from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet and the shivers that go through the body at the peak is highly electric! I just pray this guy won't kill me with sexual bliss one day!
Anybody can have sex but making love is very scarce because it involves lots of work, I mean hard work!
You don't just jump in bed and pounce on your spouse. No one will enjoy sex that way. Real sexual intercourse that results in roof breaking orgasm for the woman begins with MIND LOVE MAKING. Until you and your husband begins to make love to each other's mind, you won't enjoy sex!
Learn to enter each others world. Talking and understanding is the key here. Don't just complain your husband is screaming and yelling at you, understand why he does so. Men cry, they just don't shed the tears. They will rather scream, yell or shout at you than confess he is hurting badly and needs you to put your loving arms around him, sooth him, love him, kiss him, cuddle him and make love to him. Men yearn for understanding as much as women do.
No woman is frigid in bed; had Jesus been married, his wife would be the hottest, sexually turned on female in the world. Jesus sure knew how to make a woman feel loved around him. Mary Magdalene couldn't help it, she poured a highly expensive perfumed oil on his feet and wiped it with her hair. Every woman is a tigress in bed! Forget the scarf she ties in church and the tongue she blasts on the pulpit.
Once you can make love to her mind, understanding her thought, feelings, emotions, words, strengths and weaknesses, she will become the hottest, sex star you have ever seen, experienced or even heard of in your entire life. The power is in your hand to turn your wife to whoever you want her to be in bed. If she aint enjoying love making, it's your fault brother.
Singles, sex is strictly for the married. I never get tired of preaching that.
To enjoy loving making in marriage, marry a man who genuinely loves you understands you, respects you, honours you and will do anything in his power to ensure you are happy and enjoy life including sex with him IN MARRIAGE.
As a guy, marry a lady who totally adores, cherishes, understands, loves, respects you and will do anything to ensure you are a happy and at peace living with her. Marry a lady who finds you completely attractive and would eagerly make love to you IN MARRIAGE.
Marriage is more than sex but sex is part of marriage or else we won!t have penises and vaginas. We must all enjoy sex in marriage, yes, we must!
Save sex for marriage singles. Hold unto your virginity/sexual purity and never lose it for anything in the world. Your spouse will celebrate you for keeping yourself for God and them.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun.Oladele

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