Monday, 3 September 2018

Miriro (MB Moments): Born to inspire generations!

She’s an ambassador of Christ, a leader, an entrepreneur, an achiever, a creative and a law student at WITS University and goes by the name Miriro Munodawafa.

She’s one out of few women that are trying to change the world positively by doing so much more through various gifts God has bestowed on her.

Miriro, is trying to address issues through her YouTube channel (MB  moments) because it would be a blessing unto others who might be seeking answers or wanting to learn or understand some issues better.

This young, vibrant and influential woman is very confident of her will-power to encourage others to continue to believe more in God, in themselves and to grow more.

Here below is our chat:

Q. Welcome to Braamfontein Alive Miriro, can you please introduce yourself?

A. Okay, my name is Miriro Munodawafa. Most people call me Miri or Mimi.  I am also MB but I haven’t explained to most people where that nickname comes from yet!

Q. Maybe you can tell us!?

A. It's a long story and is very much linked to my identity in Christ. I think I’m going to explain that on my Youtube channel because everybody has been asking.

Q. Okay, we will look forward to that and who are you, Miriro?

A. Who am I? Okay, I am a young adult. I’m 22 years old and I’m currently studying at WITS University. I’m in my third year; studying BA Law. 

I’m a child of God. I honour God in every area of my life and beyond that I am a person who seeks to inspire others basically in every area of life. 

Also, I’m a very passionate person, I’m a creative: I love art, music (I have played the marimba since I was in grade 3 and the acoustic guitar for 8 years now) I love to speak, I’m a people’s person, I’m very bubbly and love to read and write.

Q. In what platform or channel are you using to put your voice out there?

A. I use my Youtube channel (MB Moments) but now I branched out. I actually have a Facebook page and am also on Instagram and Twitter. I also try to voice my thoughts in my community and seek every opportunity to learn, build and inspire others. Even in class I’m that person who’s always participating because I know even in that the glory of God can be shown through me!

Q. What kind of topics do you talk about in your video content or what can people look forward to?

A. Awesome, I really like that question. I think, firstly, people can look forward to raw content. I really like to be candid and be very true to whatever it is that I'm sharing. So I share about the word of God and also some personal experiences in order for other people to derive something from them. I am a great believer in sharing our stories because I have realized the power and healing that comes from 'me too'. There is nothing new under the sun. We all have different experiences that may seem unique to us but if you really look closely those experiences may be very similar to somebody else's.

They can also look forward to interesting topics relevant to young adults today, things that can inspire them. I like controversial issues, for example; talking about 'women, in the Bible!' Is the Bible patriarchal? What's my revelation about that? You know!?

I wanna talk about relationships, talk about issues in the society that often people shy away from speaking about especially in Christian circles because I believe that when we tackle them head on we are able to shed the truth of the Word.

I'm a student, there are certain challenges that people are facing and that I'm facing as well; and we need to share those truths in order for us to relate. Often times people want to start sharing or they want to start talking about things after they've passed that stage in their life. For example, I will speak to married couples and they tell me all the challenges they faced whilst dating or before that; now that they are married and everything is perfect! How about we start sharing as we go through those stages in our lives and building each other up? I intend to do that!

Lifestyle too. I like to dress up. I like clothes and I love accessories and hopefully next year I will be officially launching a business called MBeasy Access. It's basically a retail business; so accessories, clothing, perfumes that are true to my own brand.

I'd also love to share about my fitness journey which I recently started...It's not easy to keep in shape and eat healthy and stuff like that! It hasn't been easy!

Q. If I may ask, what inspired you?

A. Firstly, I have a lot of stories to tell. There are a lot of things I have experienced and witnessed while growing up like bullying, abuse,  in my walk with Christ and living the new identity. So in whatever I do I must truly live in Christ and perform great commission (making disciples of all nations).

Also, I'm passionate about women. I have three sisters and no brother. Literally my dad was the only man in my life while growing up and I went to an all girls school. So, I'm very very passionate about empowering other women and showing that we are able to do beyond what society tells us that we can do. Just exemplifying that it is okay for you to be fervently pursuing God and still be doing the very best in other areas of your life because I truly believe that's what God expects of us...a life of excellence through Him.

Q. When did you receive Christ in your life?

A. I never actually officially went for an altar call in a church. I was raised in the church. So from a very young age I used to go to our local Methodist church with my mum at home. I would honestly say I gave my life fully to Christ at the age of 14, when I started building my own personal relationship with God and prayed in confession of my belief that Christ is Lord of my life and from then I thank God I have been growing in Him and just had this passion to share about His love! 

Q. Who are your role-models?

A. Okay. There are quite a few. Might sound cliche but Jesus Christ is my number one role model but I'd also say my mum and dad in their own way. My mum is such a hard worker, has been able to face a lot of challenges and overcome them and my dad has always allowed me to dream! Trust me I can tell my dad I want to own a thousand private jets one day and he will tell me I can...he has really modeled the ability to dream for me.

Also, I'd say my older sisters...yup! I am such a family human! I have seen what they have been able to do in their walks even in just how they live their lives so they inspire me to do better!

I also look up to Sarah Jakes Roberts; the daughter of T D Jakes, I love Priscilla Shirer, Ashley Brown, also known as Ashley Empowers. I love them!

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years?

A. I'm a dreamer! I'm a big-big- dreamer! In five years obviously I'd have finished my degree.

I'd love to have established at least two lucrative businesses that I can actually say I'm earning a good amount from. I believe I will have a lot of opportunities to go out in the world and share about the love of God and simply speak and inspire others.

I'd also explore writing a book, motivational speaking, explore TV and radio media platforms and practice law. I also see myself having established an amazing brand.

Marriage...hmmm...."we don't know!" Maybe I might be married but "we don't know!"

By the age of 24 I'm hoping I'd have bought my own car and not be driving my parents cars...

Q. Among South African male celebs who's your crush?

A. Male crush! Haibo! Okay...ummh...Maps Maponyane.

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  1. Nice to meet you Miri😃. It really sounds like you have a great future ahead of you. By the blood of Jesus. and grace of God, I pray the things you wish for will come to pass. We need more people like you in this day and age

    1. Thank you so much for those positive words. God bless you!

  2. Nice ey.. Would love to meet this lovely lady.