Thursday, 6 September 2018


Some women are very respecting when their man has cash to display, once he loses his job, to hell with respect! One woman allegedly broke a bottle on her husband's head because he provoked her! He had lost his job and couldn't keep up with his promise to feed the family, the hot tempered woman kept losing her temper till she almost sent him to his early grave!
A counsellee told me this week his wife had been showing him hell. It is hell for a man to be ill treated because he has no money to give. It is as equally painful as being impotent! Now that he's got a job in the city in and doing well, the woman has been sending romantic messages, becoming nice and wants to move in with him. The challenge is, the husband is already having an affair!
Some women are pretenders! They are liars! Their love is fake! They only love you because you are the Manager of GTB, once you lose your job, the devil shows his real face, that is your wife! She rains abuses on you, curses you day and night, treats you like trash, throws your words to the dogs just because she now pay your bills and put food on the table!
The best time to know a woman who genuinely love you is when you have nothing. If you have to buy her love with money, make sure you keep rolling in the dollars or she will show you she's seven hundred men in a woman's skin! I'm not saying you should not have money, make plenty of it but never buy her love, never!
No condition is permanent! A man who has much today may not have anything tomorrow! He may be working in Shell today and find himself teaching in a local school tomorrow and he may have nothing today and be a multi-billionaire tomorrow!
Don't marry a man because of his money! Don't allow poverty to blind your eyes to a man's good qualities and run after his pocket. Marry him for his godliness, sound vision and good character!
Dear wives! Don't send your husband to his early grave with your mouth! I've seen men die in their middle age after retirement or they were laid off work and could no longer feed the family. Worry, depression, high blood pressure and paranoia killed them!
A virtuous woman stands by her husband through thick and thin. Be there for him! Encourage him, support him, pray for him, assist him, honour him, respect him, value him, affirm him, adore him, submit to him. Re-assure him that he is still the head and you will always honour him no matter what happens. That is what makes you a great woman, a glorious wife, a virtuous woman worth celebrating, honouring and respecting forever!
You will not lose your place in your marriage in Jesus' name. Most times, these men are tempted to look for comfort else where. By the time the wife comes to her senses, she has been served divorce papers and another woman has taken her place in the marriage! Watch the movie: ACRIMONY by Tyler Perry. There are great lessons to learn there. May the Lord give you the strength to always do what is right FEEL FREE TO SHARE. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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