Wednesday, 19 September 2018


"I want you to love me just the way I am darling, with all my strengths, all my weaknesses, farting around the house, screaming at the top of my lungs, driving you crazy, doing things that makes you gasp for breath!
Please, love my mouth when it smells early in the morning before brushing my teeth. Love my body even when the breasts are sagging and my stomach is bulging! Love me forever baby! Even when I do not have enough money to buy good cream, facial cleanser, make up kits and my face is filled with rashes, my skin is dry. Love me baby, love me, when I lose my job, can't take care of you like before and I'm so down I couldn't put a warm arm around you.
Love me always my husband, love me forever my dear wife. Love me when things are rosy, love me when things are hard. Don't leave me, don't forsake me, let's be there for each other forever....I love you!"
That is your inner most cry when you are getting married whether you are aware of it or not.
Real marriage is the total acceptance of your spirit, soul and body. No one has married you until they have married everything about you. That's what I'm talking about!
Baby, you need someone who can love your total package! Your strengths, weaknesses, flaws, idiosyncrasies, beauty, ugliness and all.
You won't always spray perfume24/7, your mouth won't always smell fresh in marriage, those breasts won't be firm forever. Your arms will one day grow weak, that six pack body will one day lose it's firmness. Your fine hairline may recede and get bald, your flat tummy may refuse to go to pre-pregnacy shape after delivery. You need a man/woman who will always be there for you regardless of the challenges you face in life!
Of course, we must look good to our spouses in marriage, no one likes body or mouth odour but trust me, we go to the toilet, shit smells and we won't always have a sweet smelling mouth when we just get up from the bed.
Seeing once in a while in courtship is different from living together in marriage. You see all the weaknesses, you see all the dirty stuff yet you must keep loving your spouse.
If the only reason you are marrying them is because they look great and nothing more, you need to pray, ask God to show you your future, a partner who can fit into it and who you will love throughout the different stages and seasons of marriage. You need to see someone beyond their beauty/handsomeness.
Your marriage can be sweet if you prepare well. You will keep loving your spouse no matter what they do to you, you will always excite each other and with Jesus at the center, your marriage will be nothing but heaven on earth, eternal bliss is guaranteed in your marriage! Marry God's will for your life! 

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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