Thursday, 20 September 2018


Strictly for the married!

Lots of articles and books have been written encouraging or warning wives to give their husbands sex as often as he wants or else, he will have an affair. No sane woman wants to starve her husband sexually but if you do not co-operate to make this a smooth ride, you may not enjoy the sex you desperately need from your wife. Here are the reasons women starve their husbands sex:
You hiss, "What happened to family planning?" Excuse me, family planning is not easy! Swallowing those pills every day has serious side effects talk less of the injections every six months! Apart from the headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, rapid weight gain or unwanted weight loss, those pills or injections often fail. Then, she is also at the risk of cervical cancer and fibroids. Women don't like living all their lives on this pills! Worst still, if the side effects hits, and she gets fat, you are the first to make jest of her and threaten to get a skinny chick if she doesn't slim down! Why can't men also do family planning for God's sake! Use condom, you don't want! You must do flesh to flesh, yet she must not get pregnant, the monthly pills also make her sick, tired and too weak to have sex!
Men should please learn to co-operate and make sex easier for their wives. Use condom once in a while. Abeg, it's not compulsory you must travel to Jerusalem every time, let her use her hand too, or give you BJ if you are not against it. There are other ways you can enjoy intimacy without intercourse, teach her how to help you use her hand, thighs among others reach orgasm, once that thing is out, you should calm down. If you can make things easy for her, she will be more available and respond passionately to sex.
2. YOU DON'T ROMANCE ENOUGH: Some men like to barge in and out and go to sleep, that is not sex, it is rape. Please, I beg you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our father in the Lord, kindly spend at least, 20 minutes, "playing" with mummy before you go in, please! No one enjoys "prison break" intercourse! Until she is wet, please, don't go near her paradise! Please, read Songs of Solomon five times, before you have sex, it will help a lot, Praise, the Lord!!!
You always disappears when she gets pregnant. That apart, you don't take care of the children and you want her to add another one. You abuse her when she vomits, sleeps a lot and refuse to eat because of her morning sickness. You yell at her because her change in hormones won't allow her to enjoy sex and you are no where to be found when she delivers her baby. Haba, Baba xxx, eleyi o daa ooo!
If you want her to get pregnant, be there for her. Take care of her, endure the smell of the vomit, that is what marriage is about. Help with house chores, honestly my brother, she will have sex throughout her nine months pregnancy! When a man is romantic, his wife will respond sexually.
4. POST DELIVERY: Doctor says you should give her at least 6 weeks for that place to heal and bleeding to stop! To ask her for sex after one weak is inhuman! To sleep around after 2 weeks of delivery because she is refusing you shows you seriously need to grow up. Abeeegiii! Let her heal brother! She can give you BJ if you want, if you don't want, she can use her hands to do signs and wonders on you. You may even love the feel and try it occasionally, hmmm? Please sir, let that place heal, especially when she had tears and went through stitches!
Women respond passionately to men who take care of them. If you don't care for her, you treat her like a sex slave, you don't care about the children, you rarely spend on the family, your wife may eventually grow frigid!
Wives like it when their husbands go for at least 5 minutes before exploding, 7 minutes will be great, pre-mature ejaculation can frustrate any woman and make her hate sex altogether, please, do something about it.
The stress of work, running the house and taking care of 3 kids, talk less of 4 or 5 can make a woman completely fazzled and too tired for sex. Pleasy! Assist at home, it won't kill your manhood if you help in the kitchen and take care of the kids while she rests.
So men, these and more are the reasons your wife may be starving you sex. Please our bros and daddies, kindly do something about it as soon as possible especially in the area of family planning, please, reduce the stress on your wife.
Try condom and other alternatives. Safe period is not always correct and withdrawal most times fail, just a drop of sperm before withdrawal can lead to pregnancy so oga, sit madam down and talk about better ways of making sex more enjoyable and easier for both of you.
Feed your wife please, take good care of her. Sex requires energy. Stress can make a woman too weak to have sex, assist with house chores and she will have time for you.
Mummies in the house, please, don't use these as excuse not to have sex anytime oga wants ooo, abeg! Let him visit his paradise anytime he wants, na im get am. Work together on your sex life, you will both be happier for it. Sex is one of the tools satan use to destroy marriages, your marriage will not fall to the onslaught of satan in Jesus name. 

Feel free to share. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele,

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