Wednesday, 5 September 2018


1. As a lady, you are at least 23 years old and the man is at least 25 years old.

2. You have a job/ business that can take care of you, your wife and at least a baby.

3. As a man you have your own apartment and you pay all your bills by yourself.

4. As a lady, you can take good care of yourself and another person without any stress.

4. You love children and hope to have yours.

5. You enjoy cooking and do house chores without being told.

6. You can live at least a thousand miles away from your parents.

7. You can make major decisions about your life and face the consequence.

8. You are no longer under the control and command of your parents.

9. You do not yield to peer pressure. You do what needs to be done regardless of what anyone feels.

10. You are sexually responsible. You know how to say NO to premarital sex and mean it.

11. As a lady you have a good relationship with your dad and you are submissive to authorities.

12. As a man, you love your mum, sisters and treat women generally with respect and dignity.

13. You know how to make and multiply money.

14. You are spiritually sound. You pray and receive answers to your prayers. You know how to hear God.

15. You are generous. You give with pleasure.

16. You have a healthy sexual desire.

17. You know exactly what you want in life and you pursue it daily to attain it.

18. You have a strong desire to love, bond with and help another person be all what God wants them to be.

19. You do not have destructive bad habits.

20. You are in full grip of your emotions. You are not hot tempered, lustful and possessive!

These and more are the signs you are ready for marriage. Marriage requires all round maturity: physical, social, financial, mental, emotional, psychological. It is not compulsory you must marry at 25.

Wait till you are mature or your immaturity will destroy your marriage. I see it happen all the time. May the Lord grant you understanding. 

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© Seun Oladele

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