Thursday, 27 September 2018

SLAY QUEEN: May Your Kingdom Go!

I am not sure I have a perfect definition for a slay queen that's why I visited Google to give me a simplified definition "A slay queen is a woman who wants to choke everyone else with how beautiful and cool they are."

These group of young women are definitely changing the world as they control large attention everywhere they go. The social media has turned glamour unto them while long-throat men shower luxury in return to these women because slay queen are “chanda na pete” literally. They party hard have their make up intact all the time.

They helped turned up the vibe in your social gatherings at no cost of appearance but show up, dance, eat and drink whatever provided (obviously alcohol). Many entertainment providers depend on them to make sales because wherever you see these slayers; ballers must be there and they do compensate them with free cocktails

Every community has an association of slay queens that controls young women affairs in the area. They also know one another and most time they have territorial conflicts when a slay queen goes poaching in another territory. I bet you this always turns hectic!

They don't care what people call them as long as they slay, get the attention, and rock the party with their personalities.

You might say "what do you have against slay queens?" Absolutely, nothing but there's a concern. I stumbled recently on a discovery and it's so scary to know that many of these so called slay queens are students. They're in school Monday to Friday and once is weekend they turned up to be slay queens. They spend time drinking and partying at a club, tavern, fancy restaurants, luxury hotels and fun rendezvous looking gorgeous. They sometimes fund themselves to be at these places on a low budget waiting on a prey to paint the town red for them or have a baller or blesser who arranged for their pick-ups to wherever their "chanda na pete" is needed.

The journey of these slay queens doesn't always end well. Some of them have been victims of identity-theft, fraud, rape, abuse, assaults, violence, kidnapping, sex-trafficking even death! You wonder why most young women that leave their residences and never returned. They exposed themselves to lots of risks in order to maintain that social media statuesque of always looking killing!

Where are we involved? We are all involved either as a concerned parent or as a community member to take action and correct this immorality that young women of nowadays have committed themselves into because of money, fun, luxury and fame!

As a parent, we need to check on our children from time to time most especially at night over the phone. Visit them at their residences during the weekend; this is called parenting! You can easily pick up foul indulgences from a child who has turned herself to a slay queen during the weekend.

As a community member, it takes a village to raise a child. We should not turn our cheek to this social acts as it always comes back to the community either as a stigma of suicide, rape, abuse and so on!

To older men and horny young boys keep away from turning young women into sluts!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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