Wednesday, 26 September 2018


Sex is sweet, from the wedding night forward. Don't get tired of waiting. Your singleness will soon be over...that hormone won't kill you before that time, no stomach ache will disturb you for not having sex neither will your scrotum threaten to burst as a result of "congested semen" (Where do some singles get all these nonsense from?)
You will rather be focused, energetic, full of life and so heavenly conscious while waiting for your Prince Charming or pretty Cinderella.
Relax baby, sex is not worth dying for, yeah, yeah!! No big deal, you can achieve great things while waiting, okay? Put that pretty brain to work and rake in some money into your account!
"Hitting" all girls for sex adds nothing to you brother, it makes you look cheap and suffering from dementia or something worse. Every godly lady wants a virgin/ sexually pure guy as a marriage partner, you look so haaawwwt! Especially when you are intelligent and good looking...o la la...ladies, will literally pray to God to give you to them.
What's as tantalizing as virgin, handsome and rich guy? Who says you can't be rich while single? Making millions as a single guy is not bad please, let's not glorify poverty! Yes, start small, work hard but don't stay there.
Challenge your brain to think outside the box and swell your bank account. Lots of clean, good business/ideas are up for you to grab! Mean while tell your erection to shut up and face your business, I mean, face your singleness with purity.
Sex is so delicious in marriage, wait for it and savour every bite with pleasure. You will be glad you did.
Thanks for reading. God bless you, cheers!

©Seun Oladele

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