Wednesday, 19 September 2018


I laugh when our "sisters in the Lord" follow our "brothers" to chant "love is all about character, beauty means nothing."
You better stop deceiving yourself baby. Till eternity, men like beautiful women and there is nothing anybody can do about that, full stop!
See, stop going about with rashes all over your face. Puleeeeaaaaze! Make your hair regularly, remove scarf and let breeze blow off some odour! Over sized clothes won't attract that dude you've been eyeing for ages neither will that "iro and buba" you wear every Sunday attract that young, handsome thing taking your breath away every week, why can't we use some common, nay, spiritual sense once in a while for God's sake? Religion is killing, honestly!
So many ladies want to be like Queen Esther but will never do what that babe did to get to the palace! She had some perfumed bath, regular spa and nice, decent make up before appearing before the king. Didn't you read your Bible? I'm not asking you to do make up if you don't want to please, don't nail me to the cross!
Rachael was beautiful in every way, Sarah was a raving beauty! Rebecca was so attractive, the king almost snatched her from her husband. These great characters are from the Bible. Where did you get your own shabbiness from???
Bottom line, as you are working on your character which is more important in marriage, look presentable too. Wear decent but fitted clothes, make your hair, spray some perfume if you are not allergic to it. Have sparkling clean teeth and look presentable always.
You can't be oozing body and mouth odour while looking for a husband, okay? Cleanliness is next to godliness please.
And don't neglect your character while looking attractive. Both goes hand in hand.
Your beauty may attract a man, it is your character that will keep him in marriage. Let there be balance.
May the Lord grant you understanding. 

Thanks for reading. 

God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele,

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