Tuesday, 25 September 2018


My second son copies his elder brother a lot, a lot! Just this afternoon, his elder brother lay on his stomach to eat his lunch, without hesitating, he did exactly the same thing. I immediately ordered him to sit up and his younger brother followed suit!
Since our second son imitate the first, we've been investing so much in our first born, realizing he is going to be creating a pattern for others to follow, we've been putting in lots of efforts in his spirit, soul and body!
The impact of the first born is so great on the siblings! If the eldest miss it in life, may God help the siblings.
Yes, their destiny is different, they are not all heading the same direction and each child should be left to live his life but we all need role models, some body to emulate, your children are not exceptions!
Do not neglect your first born. Invest in them, let them be good role models to their siblings. Teach them right so they can teach their siblings right. Don't hate them lest they pass bitterness to their siblings! Don't over pamper others and make them bitterly jealous of others. Don't curse, abuse or shatter their self esteem!
You won't always be around them. When you are out, they will help you take care of their siblings. If you invest well in them, they will teach them the right things, speak positive words, help them to love God, assist them with school assignments, develop the right attitude and you yourself will have peace and rest of mind.
We teach our first born to read his Bible first thing in the morning, we teach him to love God. Hubby drives strong work ethics into him. He is learning to do his assignments unsupervised, he assists his father voluntarily with some chores and is teaching his brother to do same.
My second son leant to say AMEN to prayers through his elder brother. Would cry for a book when his brother is doing his school assignment. He is learning to improve on his vocabulary and of course plays like his brother.
How we train the first born affects others. The devil knows this and usually fight first borns -first borns are pace setters! If you want to break a generational pattern, get the first born to do it, once the curse/negative pattern is broken through the first, others will have a smooth sail!
There are families where all the girls/boys are promiscuous starting from the first born. Some don't make it in life, some have serious marital crises, etc. There are families where deep seated hatred prevails, starting from the first born! That is not the portion of your children in Jesus' name.
Since your first born will be a role model to the siblings, invest in them, don't neglect them. Help them to love the Lord through studying the word and prayer. Discipline them when they need it, show them love when they need it. Train them, admonish them, pray for them and commit them into the hands of the Lord. The result will be amazing, they will influence their siblings positively and you will be a happier, fulfilled mother/father.
May the Lord grant us all the wisdom we need to train our children.
May they all grow up to love the Lord and be shinning stars in their generation.
May we never weep over our children in Jesus' name. Amen and Amen.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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