Tuesday, 11 September 2018


God doesn't just give you a spouse to enjoy your strengths, he also gives you a spouse to help you work on your weaknesses, your weaknesses are the difference between life and death, your success and failure, your making heaven or going to hell! That is the essence of marriage. To make you better! "Two are better than one."
Do not marry anyone who abuses you. Abuse is a sign that you are not completely accepted! Your weaknesses should attract their compassion not abuse, irritation and rejection, this us crucial! Do not marry anyone you do not have compassion for! Compassion must overwhelm you to point of wanting to help them! Marriage is about helping another person become all God wants them to be!
You are there to help, not just to be helped! That is marriage!
Don't pretend in courtship! Let them know where you are weak so that they will know where to help you! And be humble enough to be helped, learn to take correction, don't he stubborn and rigid, stubborn people don't have good marriages!
Work on your character. Don't be rude, crass, sassy, critical, judgmental or laid back at the same time don't pretend and hide all your weaknesses in courtship only to get married and shock your husband/wife with your outburst!
Too many pretence go on these days out of desperation only for the spouse to change into their real colour in marriage. By then they have married someone else's bone and flesh, someone who do not have the capacity to accept their weaknesses, help them overcome it and make them a better spouse. What they are left with is an angry, disappointed, mad, irritated spouse, who would rather have an affair or divorce than work on their marriage!
Be yourself in your relationships!
Don't swallow what you can't swallow. Don't take what you cant really take! Don't pretend to be a great cook when you are not only to starve your spouse to death after marriage! Don't pretend to be friendly with all and sundry when you are really not. When your partner asks you questions about your strengths and weaknesses, be as honest as possible so they can decide if they can really accept you the way you are, help you become better or back out of the relationship!
Great couples accept their spouses completely then help them overcome their weaknesses. When I saw my fiance's weaknesses, I wasn't shocked or ran way, I was rather overwhelmed with compassion and always seek ways to help him become better. When he saw my weaknesses, compassion overwhelmed him and he was always eager to help me become better without abusing, judging or condemning me. Now, we are both better, more mature and refined than we first met.
Pray for God's will. When you marry your own bone and flesh, they accept you completely but will not leave you the way you are. They correct you, pray for and with you and with God's help, help you work on your weaknesses till you become a better person and all God destined you to be. 

Be yourself in relationships so you can attract your perfect match.You can also read my ebook: How To Attract Your Perfect Soul Mate", it will help you locate and connect with your future husband/wife made from heaven. You will not miss it in Jesus name. Feel free to share. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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