Wednesday, 10 October 2018


There is a song that says, "Do not awaken love until it so please." The poet is King Solomon.
What it means is don't have sex till you are properly married. You know why? sexual chemistry is difficult to kill once it wakes, it's a raging inferno.
As a single person, your body should be sleeping. Meaning when you are around the opposite sex, you should feel "normal" and simply enjoy friendship. You need lots of friendship at this stage and it is more fun if no sexual chemistry is involved.
But the moment you start having sex, your body WAKES and sexual chemistry rears it's ugly head each time you are in friendship with the opposite sex. You won't feel normal until you sleep with them.
That sounds crazy right? Lots of bad things happens these days. You won't like it if every guy on the road knows you sleep around. It's a small world. News fly fast. No sane lady wants to date a play boy either.
Alright. Leave that sweet little chemistry alone and let it enjoy its beauty sleep.
You shouldn't wake love until it is time -courtesy to king Solomon, the guy who learnt his lessons the hard way.

© Seun Oladele.

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