Friday, 5 October 2018

Be a leader!

A husband is a leader and a leader leads by example not by screaming! You have no right to correct your wife if you are doing same. Some men complain their wives are dirty but they are worse! They harbour dirt and grime, wear dirty, smelly boxers for a week, smelling, stained and sand accumulated socks for 5 days and would eat without brushing their teeth! They do not shave neither do they bath regularly. They come to bed all smelly and bushy and wonder why their wives don't listen to simple instruction!
If you are guilty of same offence, please, don't correct that woman, go correct yourself first then you have mouth to talk. A husband is a leader and a leader leads by example! You earn her respect forever! If you want her to stop hanging out with gossips on the street, lead by example! If you want her to be committed in church, show her by example! If you do not want her to flirt around, be her role model! You want her to be a prayer warrior and a wordsmith, show her by example!
Enough of beating and battering women in the name of correcting them! If you beat your wife, you are sick and needs serious medical check up! You don't beat a grown up adult for God's sake! Enough of African nonsense that makes men irresponsible and turn women to animals!
Lead by example! Teach her by your actions, if she is rude, you be humble and submissive to authority figures above you and she will learn. I'm not saying you should not correct your wife, do so but do it with an example to back it up!
My husband is my quintessential role model. He does not ask me to do things he himself will never do. He does it first, see if it makes positive changes then firmly correct me and insists I do what he asks me to do but he always ensure he had practice it and it makes a big difference. As a rule, I do not step out of the house in short knickers talk less of bum shorts some married women shamelessly display to neighbours. My husband never does it, he hates it so I follow suit. When he wanted me to slim down and stop eating fatty food, though he is slim and has no need to lose weight, he stopped eating anything fatty, exercised more and encouraged me to do same. If he wants me to read more, he reads first then encourages me. If he wants me to give more, he does so first then advice me to do same. If I complain a task is too daunting, he takes it from me, does it and devices means to do it in an easier way then encourages me to do same. My values and out look on life are copied from my husband. If I am disciplined, intelligent, brilliant and chaste, I got it from that great man. I am the express expression of his character. Your wife mirrors you! If you call her stupid you must be an very stupid yourself because she got her stupidity from you!
Men are quick to quote Ephesians 5 verse 22 but would not quote verse 25! Christ died for the church. He leads us by example. The Bible says we should follow Christ's example in everything we do. He does it first then asks us to do same. He became flesh so He can understand our pains and struggles! Only satan will ask you to do things he himself will never do! Whose example are you following, God's or satan? Are you a satanic husband or a godly husband? How you treat your wife will answer for you!
A great husband deserves respect, honour and submission. Your shinning example makes you a great husband. Start today by doing the things you need to do to make your wife a virtuous and glorious woman. You will not fail in Jesus name. 

Thanks for reading God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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