Wednesday, 3 October 2018


1. Guys learn to cook delicious meals, wash plates and clean your apartment before you marry. No sane lady wants to marry a dirty, smelly, disorganized bachelor who can't do anything sensible for himself by himself.
2. You must learn to wash your clothes by yourself before you get married brother. You are not going to marry a washing machine to do all your laundry and still go to work and help you pay bills. What happened to your two hands? Are they broken?
3. You are not marrying a housemaid, you are marrying a wife. She is not coming to slave for you, she is coming to help you, that is why God calls her your HELP-MEET meaning, you are to do all your chores by yourself, she is just coming to HELP you, if you have any problem with that, challenge God, not me!
4. Hello pretty sis, learn to make your own money please. Your partner is not your ATM who must give you money for everything including your pants. What happened to your brain and hands? Can't you make any money for yourself?
5. Learn to take your man out on dates, buy him gifts, recharge cards, etc. There is no rule that says only a man must do that to his lady.
6. Prepare to be a wife not just a girlfriend in marriage. Real wives are good home and money managers.The ability to put your home in order, take good care of your husband and kids, go to work/business and make good money makes you a great wife material and a virtuous woman per excellence.
Marriage is partnership, friendship, commitment, sharing and caring. It is not a boss and slave thing.
Marriage is sharing responsibilities 50/50, no cheating.
Both can do chores, both can make money, both can give and take from each other, both can help each other become great.
Guys should erase this mentality of looking for a slave to carry out all domestic work in the house and not offer any assistance whatsoever.
Ladies should erase the mentality that men must slave under the sun, bring all the money while they only spend and squander as they like.

Both of you should work, assist and help each other.
No master, no slave in marriage.
However, the man is the head and must be respected and honoured.

The wife is the neck and must be loved and cherished.
This is how God designed marriage.

This is heaven on earth.

This is bliss...

May the Lord grant you understanding. 

Thanks for reading. 

God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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