Friday, 26 October 2018


Great wives are not born, they are made. Here are the great qualities you should have to literally transform your husband into the happiest, most fulfilled husband on earth.
1. SUPPORT HIM: Be there for him. Hold his back tightly, don't let him fall. Help him, do not let his business crash! Don't make demands that will eat the capital and profit of his business. When his business is just starting, boost your husband, support in every way you can. Assist him financially till his business thrives and can stand on its two feet. Support his ministry, support his vision, support his ambition, support his dreams, support his career.
2. GIVE HIM HONOUR: Don't shout at your husband. Stop disgracing him in public. Stop making jest of your husband in front of your friends and family members. Don't be harsh, rude and arrogant. He is your head, he is an adult, he is a father figure, he is the authority over you and therefore deserves your respect.
3. GIVE WITH ABANDON: Don't be stingy, don't give two and expect twenty back. Your reward comes from the Lord not your husband. Give as if you give unto the Lord. Buy your husband the things he needs when he forgets or does not have enough money to buy them. Buy the foodstuff when he is broke and can't afford. Help pay bills when his account is red and he can't. The Lord who sees your act of kindness in secret will reward you openly.
4. BE PROUD OF YOUR HUSBAND: A lot of women are ashamed of their husband's looks, job, business, etc. Never be ashamed of your husband. Don't be ashamed of the job/business he does to take care of you and the family. As long as the job is not sinful in anyway, be proud of your husband both in public and private. There are lots of lazy husbands who who do nothing but sleep from morning till night and expect their wives to rescue them, yours is not like that, appreciate him! Praise him, admire him, adore him. He will be motivated and wants to do more for you.
5. PRAY FOR HIM DAILY: Prayer works wonders. When you present your husband daily to the Lord in prayer, He will make his business/job successful, give him power over sin/temptation and helps you love him more.
6. FORGIVE HIM: Your husband will offend you because he is human not because he likes to hurt you. Be quick to forgive and forget, don't use his past mistakes against him, don't abuse him, don't condemn him.
7. BE KIND TO HIM: Speak softly and nicely to your husband. Help him massage his back when tired, offer to help when he needs you before he asks for it.
8. FEED HIM WELL: Give him quality and healthy food. Serve him plenty fruits, vegetables and water. Limit the junk, they are not healthy for him.
9. SPEAK WELL OF HIM: Don't join wayward wives who castigate, disgrace and condemn their husbands in private, public and online groups/community forums. Be different. Tell God his weaknesses and openly appreciate his strengths, gifts, talents and uniqueness. What we appreciate appreciates in value, do not run your husband down with your tongue.
10. BUILD INTIMACY WITH HIM: Share your hart with him. Make him your best friend and confidant. Share your body with him, give him easy access to you whenever he needs you sexually. Be pleasing to be with; be honest, open and sincere in your dealings with him.
May the Lord grant us all the grace to be virtuous wives to our husbands' in Jesus name.
Watch out for part 2: HOW TO BE A GREAT HUSBAND TO YOUR WIFE." It will be life transforming.
I hope you learnt something?
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun.Oladele

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