Friday, 12 October 2018


Bayo, a devoted brother in Zion Army ministries was convinced that sister Chika was his God ordained partner. With permission from the pastorate, he went ahead to declare his feelings to her. As usual, she asked brother Bayo to give her time to pray about it even though she knew deep within her that she wasn't going to pray because she has a crush on the pastor's son and she has been waiting for him to propose to her.
It has been five months now, Sister Chika has not given Brother Bayo any response and he is still waiting for her patiently. Not knowing that sister Chika is using him as insurance in case her crush disappoints her.
Amina has been dating Tunde for six years now but the relationship is not showing any signs of moving to any further level. He has broken his promise of introducing her to his family members for marriage.
Each time she wants to walk out, he will put on a sorry face and lavish her with gifts too numerous to mention which will soften her heart and will even lead her to change her mind. He said he loves her but she can't understand why he doesn't want to make any form of commitment.
From the stories above, Chika and Tunde are time wasters. The likes of them are roaming about seeking for whom to take advantage of. They are never ready for a serious commitment because they still want to play around and enjoy life or they have someone else they are committed to and are using their prey as spare or insurance. Like sugar daddies or mummies, they form a tent over their victims which prevents eligible partners from locating them.
Most times, their victims never get to realize this fact until so much time, energy and resources have been washed down the drain and before they know it, age is already telling on them.
In our text, we can see that there is always a right way and time for doing everything including relationship wise. If your relationship is not advancing as expected, seek counsel to avoid shame and regrets.
MEDITATION: Am I with a time waster?
PRAYER: Father, in the name of Jesus I am shielded from every time waster and they will never locate me. Amen
CONFESSION: I am spiritually sensitive to detect any time waster.

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