Tuesday, 23 October 2018


Most women who complain their husbands don't respect them sold their respect in courtship.
For God's sake, why would you sleep over your fiance's house, for what? You spend weekends, weeks, months in the house of a man who has not paid your dowry! You do everything a wife suppose to do for him FREE OF CHARGE and wonders why he doesn't respect you? You cook, fetch water, wash his clothes, give him sex and when he manages to marry you, you complain he doesn't show you any form of respect. Which would you respect? A brand new Benz G Wagon you paid your hard earned millions for or a badly used Beetle given to you free of charge?
Men don't respect women who are too cheap to get. When you sleep with him outside wedlock, you make yourself cheap and he loses respect for you. Some women claim the man won't marry them if they don't show him their "wifely" qualities. What makes you a wife material is basically your character not how good you are in bed.
If he wants to know how good you can cook and do chores, he should come to your father's house and see you in action. If you are a spinster, he should watch the way you cook and keep your apartment clean -there is no logical reason to sleep in your fiance's apartment.
You need to set the right foundation for your marriage. Do not begin your marriage on the wrong foundation. Show yourself some respect. Let the man do all it takes to marry you properly. Let him honour your parents, pay your bride price and take you to the altar before you sleep with him. Don't make yourself cheap.

By Seun Oladele.

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