Tuesday, 20 November 2018


1. LISTEN: Really listen to your spouse when they talk and you must learn to understand them before responding. We all love to talk but few really listens and great listeners are so adorable! If you want your spouse to enjoy your company above anyone else, learn to listen, really listen and UNDERSTAND them when they talk.
2. OVERLOOK: You will develop hypertension and stroke if you always focus on your spouses weaknesses. That guy is so cute. Take your eyes off his little idiosyncrasies and adore him. Celebrate your wife, overlook the weaknesses. You will be happier and live longer!
3. LET IT GO: Learn to forgive your spouse real quick when they offend you. No one is perfect, not you either. You won't like it if someone is bitter against you because of a little mistake. Forgiveness makes marriage so sweet and romantic. Let the offence go, focus on their charming qualities.
4. GIVE: Generous spouses always live in paradise. Give your time, love, affection, money, gift, body, etc to your spouse and they will always adore you. Don't be stingy with anything you have. Freely share with your darling.
5. SHOW GLASS: Let your heart be transparent. Lying, deceit and keeping secrets are deadly killer of trust in marriage. Transparent and honest couples are the happiest on earth.
6. DATE: It doesn't end after marriage, it continues. Keep dating.
7. NEW SEX STYLES: It keeps the bedroom new, exciting and wonderful. One style: missionary only is boring year in year out
8. BE FLEXIBLE: Listen to your spouse's correction and change as soon as possible.
9. RESPECT: Stop barking orders at your spouse. They are not your slaves okay. Treat them like respectable adults not some spoilt kids. Show respect, give regard, honour them, celebrate them, respect them.
10. PRAY FOR THEM: Are there some habits in them you've tried to change but no result? Try prayer, prayer surely works. It works for I and my husband all the time and saves me from damaging my esophagus with unnecessary shouting and screaming!
O la la la..here we go! Marriage can be all fun if you wish to have it so but you've got some work to do.
Practice all the above and more and see your marriage transform before your very eyes.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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