Friday, 2 November 2018


A woman with big breasts, big buttocks, tiny waist and wide hips is regarded as a power house for men! She is seen as a beauty goddess that must be worshipped especially when she has a moon-like/oblong face with dreamy eyes, pointed nose and full, sensuous, succulent lips to match! She is believed to have power over men as they drool over her with awe and consider the man who has sex with her as super lucky! Naturally, women loved to be sexually desirable to men so when no one is turning his head towards her, she is naturally worried!
That is Nollywood's definition of a power house!
Your power house in real life goes beyond your body! You are not going to eat sex for the rest of your life. No man wants to spend the rest of his life with a bottom of the barrel, empty-brained woman with nothing to offer but a figure 8 shape! There are many hour glass women walking about brainless, empty, completely useless and irresponsible. Men pick them, have sex with them like crazy and dump them!
That is not a power house! A power house woman has a holding spell on a man. He is mesmerized by her total package and is restless until he secures her friendship and marries her permanently.
Women who hold men spell bound are intelligent. They read, they ask questions, they research, they update their knowledge, they are experts at what they do. Real men are mesmerized by super intelligent women.
2. YOUR HANDS ARE YOUR POWER HOUSE! Hard working women hold men spell bound!
3. YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS YOUR POWER HOUSE! Ladies who make their own money are super attractive. Men chase them right, left and center. Learn to work with your 2 hands and have money in your own bank account!
4. CONFIDENCE IS A POWER HOUSE! Confident women are super attractive! They have their own mind. They do not seek to please to everyone and act like chameleon. They know exactly what they want in life and go for it, what others think about them is none of their business!
6. YOUR SPIRIT IS A POWER HOUSE! Women who feed their spirit with the word of God, pray in tongues and shamelessly preach the gospel carry power!
7. YOUR TALENT IS YOUR POWER HOUSE! When you develop it and make good use of it, men's head turn to your direction. "Who is this pretty lady?"
8. YOUR TIME IS YOUR POWER HOUSE! They use it to their own advantage not roam about the streets with shameless, stupid gossips.
9. YOUR BREASTS, BUTTOCKS AND VAGINA: These are your power house IN MARRIAGE to hold YOUR HUSBAND spell bound, birth your baby and breast feed the innocent little one not for having sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry. You are not a local whore, please, zip up!
It's okay to have a great figure. It's not okay to be brainless, useless and irresponsible with it.
It's okay if you do not have figure 8 shape. Develop exceptional qualities and men will do anything to have you.
Life is more than getting married though. Prepare to be an outstanding success in everything you do, that in itself is fulfilling.
I hope you got my message. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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