Tuesday, 20 November 2018


There is no point getting married late. You shouldn't be breastfeeding your first child at 40. Getting married at 40 plus does not fit you as a man.
When will you start training your children? How many more years do you have to work and rest? Don't start running after toddlers when your children ought to have graduated from the university.
You need to overcome marital delay, learn to attract your perfect soul mate and get married on time before menopause hits!
My ebooks: OVERCOMING MARITAL DELAY and HOW TO ATTRACT YOUR PERFECT SOUL MATE will help you tremendously in this regard. LIES THAT BREAK MARRIAGES will also help you have correct and sound courtship and MY CHURCH IS CRAZY will teach you love, dating, courtship and religion in a story form.
We have 4 ebooks in stock. Order for yours and get out of ignorance as soon as possible. Your husband/wife is waiting for you, I reject marital delay for you in Jesus' name. You shall not experience it!
Thanks for reading. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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