Thursday, 8 November 2018


When some men say, "all I want in my wife is godly character and nothing more," it makes me raise my brow. You want ONLY character but when you see a woman with eye popping make up, attractive front, rounded back and smart high heels, you turn your head and silently whistle, may the Lord have mercy on ignorant women.
Be smart ladies! While you are working on godly character and excellent virtues which are definitely most important in marriage, do some excellent packaging as well. Men love beautiful women. It is the truth they don't ever want to acknowledge!
Its good to pray and go to church! Cover your head if that is your church doctrine but do it stylishly, beautifully and attractively. That is the point! I love uncommon common sense! God hates foolishness with passion, that is why he gave us the book of Proverbs. Read and digest. The Proverbs 31 dressed in royalty of purple apparel. Be royally dressed for your husband.
If you expose your hair and wear jewelries, find out the style he loves that keeps his eyes glued to your head and do it. The style you enjoy doing may turn him off. What does he love? Do it beautifully, stylishly and seductively.
The sensitive part of a married woman's body must be covered when out but inside, it should be exposed. Expose what he wants to see for him in the bedroom only, not before the children.
Generally in the house, give him your best. Some women look so great outside but smell all day to their husbands. It's an insult to him, puleeeeaaaze.
Immediately you wake up after some chores, bathe! Even when you are going no where and you have piles of work to do, just bath!
Wear something smart and sweet for him, wear your make up, spray some perfume and be sweet to touch, kiss and romance. Awww, that is what marriage is about now, always be ready for that thing, please, my fellow sisters.
Single ladies should look nice too. As you work on your character, get rid of body and mouth odour, over size clothes, dandruff, eczema and stubborn pimples, these things can stand between you and your potential spouse. Be smart, nice and attractive to look at.
Women want attractive men too. Dirty men are repulsive honestly, it is a number one romance killer in marriage.
Some men must not expose their armpit in public, you will see bush! Their boxers smell bad, their socks have the sand on the sea shore in them and their singlets are nothing good to write home about.
Always go to bed sparkling clean and the first thing you should do after your morning devotion is brush your teeth, please! A mouth odour can make any woman sick! Have your bathe! Shave all the bush and elephant grass off! Wash all the corner and contour of your body thoroughly. If you want to know a really clean man, watch his neck, nails and teeth. Those places speak volumes. My husband is a sparkling clean man. I love to hug, hold and cuddle him.
Yes, we should be conscious of heaven. We shouldn't be smelly, dirty and shabby while doing so. Heaven is a sparkling clean place with gold, dazzling white and beautiful colours spread out everywhere. God is so holy, so pure, so beautiful, so regal, so royal, so handsome, so attractive, so excellent, let's resemble Him in and out.
Satan is dirty and repulsive. Demons ooze terrible odour and are stenchy! Let's avoid anything that bring them close to our lives.
Don't forget the real message of this post. Men love beautiful women. Be beautiful, neat, smart and attractive to your spouse while being godly, virtuous and chaste.
Be clean and handsome to your wife and make love making enjoyable while being holy, pure, godly and spiritual. May the Lord grant us all understanding. See you next time. Thanks for reading, God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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