Friday, 9 November 2018


When some ladies tell me, "I was already engaged to a brother, another brother came and tell me I am God's will for him, I am confused ma. What should I do?" Such questions usually get me angry! Weren't you sure the one you were engaged to was your husband before proceeding? If one hundred men come to tell you you are Gods will for them, what will you do? Go into comma? Get paralyzed with confusion? Can't you think straight, can't you hear God by yourself?
Confusionists will always look for who to confuse! Guys who don't know how the inside of a church looks like talk less of hearing God will come to tell you they heard God. Unserious brothers who are chronic fornicators, liars and dupes will also claim to hear God. Men of satan who claim to be men of God with adultery, chronic lies and masturbation as their hobbies will also come to you, claiming they heard God. If you always go blank the moment you hear some one says "thus saith the Lord" you will mischoose, big time! Learn to hear God, yourself!
Some men of God have given me prophecies that have absolutely nothing to do with my future. One guy vehemently claimed I was God's will for him when all common sense shows we are not heading the same direction? What stupid prayer of God's will do you want to pray about a man who abandoned his wife and daughter and wants to marry you?
Dupes are on the loose! Shine both your physical and spiritual eyes very well before you land in trouble!
One Facebook follower told me God asked me to mentor him. I told him point blank God didn't ask me so I am not going to mentor him, period!
Learn to have a sound, personal relationship with the Lord and how He speaks to you. The Lord speaks to us daily. You must learn to pick His voice. Jesus says, "My sheep hears my voice..."
I rarely barge into people's life telling them "thus saith the Lord." God speaks for Himself. If He is the one who sends us, He will prove it, we don't need to force or coerce people into obeying us in the name of God says. Learn to hear God by yourself baby! If you can't pray and read your bible daily, your spiritual life will be a sorry case!
For those brothers who like to scare ladies with "God told me." Keep what you heard into your pocket and pray for her. If truly you heard God He will speak to her. Stop forcing innocent ladies to accept unwanted marriage proposals.
Yes, there are genuine people who hear God. But they don't force or manipulate others to accept what they heard. If he is forceful, manipulative, aggressive, domineering and threatening your current relationship so you can break it and marry him, he is a monster in disguise. He doesn't know what love really is and he didn't hear God. Love is patient kind, not rushy-windy! Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. It's written there. May the good Lord grant you understanding. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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