Friday, 9 November 2018


Real courtship is serious business! It is for real talking, ironing out issues and making discoveries about your partner before you embark on a journey of no return!
Generational curses are real! Thank God Christ has set us free but you need to find out the battles they are facing in your partner's family so you can both wage war against it. This is real, crucial and very important!
Most singles spend all their courtship practically doing nothing except attend parties and have sex, both of you are not serious! If all you do is look into each other's eyeballs with nothing sensible to talk about from morning till night, you are both playing! By the time you get married, you will wake up to the rude shock of curses and covenants plaguing your partner's family which you and your children have no choice than legally partake it!
Sit down now and talk. If there is a negative pattern you see in your partner's family, either pray against it or end the relationship in peace!
There are families where they die before the age of 60, there are some they don't make it in life. There are some, the first males never break through in life. Some families don't produce graduates, some don't have good marriages, some don't get married on time, some battle insanity, high blood pressure or certain sicknesses and diseases at a certain age. For some, it is barrenness or still birth, some, their twins don't survive. For some, they go to school, get all the degrees in this world but will never get a good job with the certificates. Some, their females don't get married, if they do, the marriage will go through storms and eventually break up. These are generational patterns. These are curses and covenants raging such families.
Stand in your liberty in Christ and wage your war!
Enough of watching Nollywood movies when your future is at stake! Enough of spending 24 hours on the social media chatting with the opposite sex who contributes absolutely nothing sensible to your life!
If there are negative patterns in your family, stand up and deal with them. If you have issues with marital delay, you need to get good books and prayer points that will help you shatter it. You can read my ebook: "Overcoming Marital Delay" for more help.
Courtship is for mature singles who want to have a blissful marriage and are ready to do all it takes to achieve their marital dream.
Make your enquiries, find out about the negative pattern in your partner's family and deal with it before you get married. If you don't deal with them now, they will deal with you and your children later. May the Lord grant you understanding. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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