Friday, 2 November 2018


A lot of men don't assist their wives at home because they think the woman will take them for granted or go too far.
One man asked me how to handle a wife who likes to take her husband's assistance to the extreme.
His question paraphrased: "Why do some women like to take their husbands' assistance with house chores to the extreme? How can a husband handle such woman?"
My response: "You are very correct. Every woman has a tendency to take this to the extreme if it is not balanced. Nicely but firmly tell her NO if she wants you to help her do things she can do by herself.
Encourage her to do it because she can. My husband helps me a lot but he knows where to draw the line. If he knows I'm going too far in my demand for help, he knows when to say, "No baby, you can do that" with a smile on his face, yet he won't do what I can do. That helps me to take responsibility, be more mature and balanced in asking for help."
In summary, husbands should learn to assist their wives with house chores especially when she goes to work from morning and assists you to pay bills.
Wives should respect, honour and appreciate their husbands and not take them for granted.
Husbands should lovingly but firmly say NO if she is taking him for granted.
Wives should humbly accept the NO and take responsibility.
House chores should not cause ripples in the home.
We all should learn to respect, honour, appreciate one another and understand boundaries.
May God shower you with the wisdom you need daily to run your marriage successfully.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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