Friday, 2 November 2018


Ladies, don't reduce the quality of your life because you want to marry anybody. Buy all the cars you want, build the mansions, have a private jet, the man who is meant for you will come whether he has all these or not.
A man who is intimidated by your success is not your husband. The Bible says "there is no fear in love." If he is afraid you have a car, he will never allow you to amount to anything in life. Some men will never allow their wives get a degree, build her business, make her money, be superstars because they have low self esteem and are not ready to succeed themselves. They want to remain where they are and control their wives from their little pinnacle of success.
Water will always find its level.
Marry a man who can handle your success whether he has it or not.
There are single men with several cars and the one you ride is no big deal. There are those with nothing yet have the capacity to get as many as they want so riding a car is nothing.
I don't have a car but almost all my close friends have cars.That does not affect our relationship at all.
What makes relationships successful is your character not material possession. The most prideful, arrogant ad nasty people I have ever met in my life are poor. Poverty is a self esteem wrecker! Because they easily feel intimidated by those who have what they lack, they put up obnoxious, anti-social attitude to protect their fragile ego.
It is not what you have or don't have that makes you poor. Poverty is a spirit, a mind set likewise prosperity. Success is a mind set, an attitude, not material possession!
What you have will magnify who you are! If you are a very proud, pompous person, the cars you buy and the possessions you have will further make you proud. If you are humble, no matter how rich you are, you will be more humble. We should stop using cars as an excuse to approach a godly lady. The car a lady rides does not make her proud or humble, her personality does.
There are men who will still be intimidated by you even if you have nothing! There were lots of guys who were intimidated by my intelligence, audacity and boldness and wanted me to keep quiet so they could feel better.
In summary, marry your kind.
Don't hide who you are so you can marry by fire, by thunder! That marriage will be best described as hell on earth because once you reveal who you are in marriage, the man will feel threatened and seize all you have ever sweat to achieve in life. Some seize their wives certificates, some burn their wives properties some even kill their wives out of jealousy. May you not mischoose!
No matter what you have or where you are in life, be humble. It takes humility to attract a man and it takes submission to keep him in marriage.
I hope this post is clear enough.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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