Monday, 19 November 2018

Let it go.

The wound came, pierced my soul deep
I cried, I wept but it never got better 
I tried to get healing but bottling it up seemed okay
Will I ever get better than this?
Let it go
Why should this happen to me?
Innocent was I but it still happened all the same
Can God just do something about my hurt?
I tried to forgive but the memory lingers on
Will I ever get better than this?
Let it go
The man I so much loved dearly
Gave my all to him in love and trust
But in the thick of the night,
Broke my heart and left me in pain
Will I ever get better in life?
Let it go
I was called a failure because I onced failed in the past
Yet, I struggled so hard to get better than this
But the weight of pain pulled me down severally
Will there be hope for me?
I'll let it go
How can I let it go?
When no one seemed to care about me
I sought for help but I found none
But alas, there's hope for me
'Cos I'm letting it all go
Holding onto the knife was all I knew
But I'm throwing it right away to embrace my healing
There's healing after every pain
I'm moving on to be better than this
Forgiving myself is the key
To unlock my freedom from pain
How will God forgive me
When I imprison my offender in my heart
There's hope after a fall
For if a tree be cut down
Having its roots buried in the soil is a hope that gives it life again
Yet, at the scent of a water drop
Surely it will yet rise again
I'm letting go of my pain
Though it be heavier than a stone
Life is better than remaining a victim
Champions may fail but they never for once gave up
Now I'm walking away
From my troubles, pain and failure
No matter what life has done to me
I'm letting go of it all
© Oluwamayowa Adeniyi.

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