Friday, 9 November 2018


Someone close to me came visiting one day and saw me all dressed up in the evening with make up and ask if I was going out. I said "No, I am waiting for my husband." She said she was impressed. At home, not going anywhere and dressed like this? Yes, for my king!
It's not good for the man to come back to a woman oozing body and mouth odour, the whole apartment turned upside down and she's screaming and yelling mad at him or the kids upon his arrival!
Granted, running the home with kids is not a child's play, so is being smelly, dirty and grouchy all day.
Make home coming sweet for your darling. Bath, wear nice clothes, smell nice and wear the most beautiful smile in your wardrobe in your face. Give your darling husband a 360 degree hug upon his arrival and serve him his food after relaxing with a glass of cold water.
Be compassionate, sweet and tender! Screaming and yelling are not the attributes of a virtuous woman. You need to pray the spirit of uncontrollable anger, bitterness and criticism out of your life!
Make home coming great for your darling husband, you will never have to worry yourself about any mistress out there because he will never think of cheating on you.
Thanks for reading. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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