Friday, 9 November 2018


During our school days starting from primary to higher institution, most people looked at us as worthless beings because of our look/statue, small and short. Even those we were better than many in terms of brain they never took us as anything.
Some used to say to our faces "Even if you have first class nobody will employ you little rats to work in his office"
They forgot that God doesn't think the way humans do.
Look at us today, we can enter where those tall and huge people can not enter, We dine with Kings and Queens, Our present makes people happy, we now offer jobs to those who never saw something good in us.
Those who looked down on US now look up to US.
The Lord is good, all the time. If we could make it you too can make it.
Don't lose hope my brothers/sisters because God created us all for good reasons. There is something special in you that is not in others.
This prayer is for those that can type amen and believe in God and themselves.
1. God shall turn every disadvantages in your life to Advantages.
2. Those who look down on you today shall look up to you.
3. What no man has ever gotten in your family, you will be the first to get.
4. Kings and Queens shall beg to dine with you.
5. You shall give to nations.
6. Your name shall bring happiness to people.
7. You shall not die young/ you must live to fulfill the purpose God sent you to fulfill in this world.
Only the people who believe in God and themselves should type AMEN and SHARE to claim those prayers.
If you don't Believe in God and yourself you skip.

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