Friday, 14 December 2018

Amahle Mbelwa: "How I took seven steps to become a self-published author!"

It all started when I won the Mzansi Spelling Bee Competition in grade 12 and I got exposed to a lot of words and I saw that as an opportunity for me to challenge myself and construct something positive out of the words that I learnt.

I'm not the type of person who vents things out with just anyone hence I write everything down. I feel I have a lot of stories to tell which can inspire people who cannot vent things out. I didn't plan to publish the book because I just wrote for the sake of venting out but not until I met an author who actually helped me stating out the simple seven steps of becoming a self-published author.

Just before I go into giving details of how you can self-publish a book let me tell you more about my book that is titled "Gap Year". The book is specially targeted to primary and high school learners, specifically grade 12s, and teachers. It is basically to say, it's okay to take a gap year.
It may not be by choice but due to certain circumstances. It is to advice grade 12s to relax and allow God to take over, and to know that there's a whole of things that can be done during the course of the gap year.

I want my success story to inspire other aspiring authors who already have  their stories ready but are stuck somewhere and are dabbling around the possibility of getting their work published. Here is the good news; there's a company that can easily take you through a seven-step process to becoming a self-published author.

I took the steps and today I'm a proud and young author whose story will inspire others to write, believe that their work can actually become a book. Here below are the seven steps to becoming a self-published author:

1. A completed manuscript.

2. ISBN allocation.

3. Book covers Design (Front/Back).

4. Editing/Proof reading.

5. Publication (Online/Hard copy).

6. Book Launch.

7. Sales/Distribution: (a) Amazon, Google Play Books. (b) Direct sales & Bookstores.

If you need help in taking these steps; please contact: Unicorn Conglomerate (Pty) LTD via this email: Cell: 074 707 5793.

On this note; you can also buy my book online by using this link
(GAP YEAR by Amahle Mbelwa):


By Amahle Mbelwa.


  1. I am proud of you Amahle.
    Your Courage to share and
    Help others really inspires me.
    I wish you all the best and when can we expect another book?.

  2. Absolutely stunning! You are gifted. Im proud of you

  3. Keep doing amazing and great things, truly proud of you and I am inspired to publish as well!