Friday, 7 December 2018


They think they are having fun but they are sitting on a time bomb. Here are the things married people do that shatter marriages to pieces:
1. FLIRTING: calling your neighbour "sweetheart", chasing small girls all over the street, wearing skimpy clothes while your husband's friends are around are things that stir hot, murderous jealousy that eventually leads to the demise of a once upon blissful marriage.
2. KEEPING SECRETS: No one likes surprises, not your spouse either. It is not fun when your husband finds out you have a child out of wedlock or you once dated and slept with his best friend. It is a shocker if your wife opens your mail and sees messages from your ex. These shatters trust beyond repair. Only God can help that marriage thenceforth.
3. POOR HYGIENE: Oh, it's easy to think "it doesn't matter, my spouse understands." Most women don't wake up until they see their spouse deeply enmeshed in affair. There is no excuse for body and mouth odour in marriage. Couples should learn to respect their spouse and present a clean body to them. It works.both ways. Men should also step up in this area. A smelling mouth and unkempt armpit plus the one down there is a huge turn off.
4. DEBT: Big issue. Good debts go into the business, bad debts go into the stomach and other people's pockets. Copying the Joneses and living far above your income is a sure recipe for marital disaster.
5. GETTING FAT: If your spouse loves it, fine, if he doesn't then correct it. Using childbirth, contraceptives and hereditary as an excuse won't make your spouse see you as sexy. They may feel guilty for complaining, swear to God they love you "perfectly" the way you are but deep down they resent that fat and easily get attracted to ladies/ men who have the features you have buried beneath the massive flesh.
6. PRAYERLESSNESS: Prayer works. Nagging kills. Someone says "Tell your spouse his best and tell God his worst." In other words, it takes God's intervention to break some destructive habits in your spouse. Not that they don't want to change, they just found themselves helpless.
7. PORNOGRAPHY: is a number one killer of sexual fulfillment in marriage. It leads to unrealistic expectations, masturbation and premature ejaculation. Men addicted to these pictures/movies often expect their wives to perform like the porn stars and handle them like animals in bed. They also ejaculate early leaving the woman unfulfilled and unsatisfied.
Read my post on HOW TO SLEEP WITH A WOMAN. It will help you a great deal.
8. COMPARISON: It's okay to admire that cute guy at work, just keep that to yourself and don't expect your spouse to walk, talk and think like him. Men who compare their wives to their ex or mothers are digging their marital
9. ROUTINE: creates boredom. Same food, same underwear, same sex position year in year out kills romance and passion faster than anything else. Spice up your marriage and give it some life.
10. AFFAIRS : This is a big one. The moment another man sleeps with or you have sex with another woman, your marriage qualifies for divorce. There is no excuse for extra marital affairs. Avoid it like plague.
Work on your marriage, give it your best shot, do all you can to make it work because YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK .God has given you that power, use it and see your marriage transform before your very eyes. You will succeed.
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© Seun Oladele

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