Thursday, 13 December 2018


Just give him his best food, that's all? Amala? NO! Akpu? No! Donkunu? No! Afang soup, nay! Praise, yes, praise!!! The food of any man from ages to ages is quality praise. Learn to praise your man silly! He will do anything for you, men love praise singers!
Some women know how to criticize but never praise! They know how to complain about all their husband's weaknesses but will never admire him!
I once asked a mentee if she had ever admired her handsome husband, she said NO. Why then was she complaining he was after one little babe some where? That one probably knew how to blow her husband's head off in praise! Don't allow another woman do your job for you. Admire your man darling, he is all yours, let him know it!
Admire his looks! You've got a handsome man there, tell him, let him hear it. Admire his pocket, the economy is hard, a man who works hard to pay bills and feed his family deserves "òròbò" appreciation!
Admire is sexual performance. No man likes to be seen as a failure in the intimate department.
Have you added flesh? Are you glowing? Are you trimmer and sexier for him? Are you happier and at peace? Thank that man who makes you shine, some men are showing their wives pepper and the wives are getting leaner and shabbier by the day.
Okay, you want to say "Seun, my husband is irresponsible, why should I praise him? Honey, there is power of life and death in the tongue. What you say comes to pass. Women have that power! Start saying something positive about your husband, back it up with prayer and faith and you will see him change before your very eyes. Kindly do me a favour, please, praise him today, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaase!
It is a privilege to be married. Thank God you have a man you can call yours. Celebrate God and celebrate your man too. No woman will take what belongs to you in Jesus' name.
He is all yours darling, praise him, admire him, love him, have him and seal him in your heart forever! You will be glad you did!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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