Friday, 7 December 2018


What are the habits that must not follow you into 2019? Let them perish with 2018!
2019 must be a great year for you but this does not answer to prayers and Amen alone. You need to wake up and work at it.
Poverty, failure, stagnation and backwardness are caused by habits, negative habits! Broken relationships and damaged marriages are caused by terrible habits! This habits must perish with 2018 and pick up sound, healthy habits for 2019!
All lying must die! Fornication/adultery/cheating on your partner must die! Covetousness, over spending and stinginess must die! Masturbation, lust and satanic sexual activities must die!
Prayerlessness must go! Sin must go! Backbiting, gossiping, procrastination, laziness, idleness must go!
Check your life, why are you not moving forward? How can your life be better? What are the things you must do to move to your next level?
Lots of books are out there to help you break free from your limitations and catapult you to your next level!
Those habits must die! They must perish with 2018! Say with me boldly: "Bad habits will not follow me into 2019!" As you make the bold declarations and actively work towards it, you will see your self achieve greater success in your relationship, marriage, finance and spiritual life beyond your expectations! Say again, "Bad habits will not follow me into 2019!"
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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