Tuesday, 22 January 2019


1. ARE YOU BORN AGAIN? So you can know if both of you have the same spiritual father - Jesus. If not, you are heading towards divorce! Or an head on collision with his father -satan!
2. WHAT IS YOUR VISION? "I want to be a good staff in my company" is not a vision. "I plan to be a billionaire in dollars in the next 20 years by exporting cocoa to at least 10 foreign countries" makes sense. Or " I want to be a philanthropist by taking care of widows, orphans and single mothers" Or " I want to be a General Overseer of a great healing ministry in Nigeria" or " I want to be the chancellor of a world best university in my country". Make your vision clear. If it is clear, your partner will understand you and know how to position themselves to support, encourage and stand by you. If they don't agree with your vision, end the relationship! There is no reason to get married to them at all.
3. WHICH CHURCH WILL YOU BE ATTENDING AFTER WEDDING? If you hate his church and Pastor and you can never attend o for whatever reason on earth, end the relationship!
4. HOW MUCH DO YOU EARN? Very important, so you can know how to plan on your finance and grow it.
5. WHAT ARE YOUR FINANCIAL PLANS? No one should stay stagnant financially. If you are earning 50k right now, how do you intend to increase it? Will you work harder and seek promotions in your company, will you diversify, start a business, invest, etc. What type of business can you profitably invest in?
6. HAVE YOU BEEN SEXUALLY ACTIVE IN THE PAST? You need to know so you can know what to expect on the wedding night and how to meet their sexual needs in marriage. Men who have been sexually active before can't stand sexual boredom and routine in marriage.
7. WHAT ARE YOUR SEXUAL EXPECTATIONS? Questions like this should be asked close to the wedding for people with very low resistance to mature sex talk. Do you believe in different sex styles, oral sex, using vibrator, etc so you can know how to position yourself sexually in marriage and meet their sexual needs.
8. WHAT IS YOUR LOVE LANGUAGE? Some like to be touched, hugged, etc a lot. Some love gifts, if you love them, give them gifts, some want you to spend quality time with them, some want you to affirm, admire, compliment and appreciate them. Ask, so you do not build your marriage on ignorance.
9. WHAT CAN I EVER DO THAT WILL MAKE YOU DIVORCE ME? We know God is against divorce but don't do things that will make them think of booting you out of their lives. Ask them things they hate so you wont do them and put an end to your marriage! E.g not all men can take adultery from their wives and women can't handle a man that physically assaults her. Talk!
10. FAMILY PLANNING. How many children do you want to have within the space of how many years? You need to plan so you don't start pumping out kids year in year out till the man runs away from home.
Talk! Courtship is for serious talking and planning towards your glorious future in marriage. There is no accidental success. What you don't plan for you will never experience. Plan towards marital bliss and you will enjoy heaven on earth in your marriage.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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