Tuesday, 22 January 2019


Brothers, here is your own fire proof sign you have found your Eve sent from heaven. Go and get her a beautiful engagement ring and propose if you see all the signs below.
1. She admires you a lot.
2. She likes to be around you.
3. She enjoys your company, feels completely relaxed and laughs easily at your jokes.
4. She is completely opened to you. She has no cockroaches in her cupboard. She feels safe around you and shares her secrets and past life with you.
5. She wants to know a lot about you especially your vision, future plans.
6. She always dresses beautifully for you.
7. She respects you and easily takes to your correction.
8. She gets agitated or feels jealous when another lady tries to get your attention.
9. She buys you unexpected gifts, she is very generous to you.
10. She calls or treats you like her best friend, her twin.
11. She obviously has chemistry for you.
12. She ignores other males and focuses on you only.
13. You are very much in love with her.
14. You are at peace with her. You feel so calm, cool and collected around her.
15. You like and admire her a lot.
16. You love her total package
17. You love to spend time with her.
18. There is a strong desire in you to help her succeed.
19. You tell people close to you about her. You are so proud of her and you are eager to flaunt her.
20. You desire to protect her and do not want to have sex with her before marriage.
There you go brother! You are one of the lucky few men connecting with their real bone and flesh! Your marriage is made in heaven! It will be pure bliss, Paradise on earth!
Don't forget to propose soon buddy and send me your wedding invitation immediately you have decided to head the altar!
Congratulations in advance! Momma cares!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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