Tuesday, 8 January 2019


1 MONEY: Every marriage needs money to thrive! Rent must be paid, bills must be settled, school fees are there, you must wear good clothes and eat balanced diet. As man, buckle your belt and sit tight. If you have no job/work as single man, even if you are 45 years old, you are not ready for marriage.
No family should settle on one income in this economy. Your income must grow as your family is growing. Your children won't eat baby food forever. Soon they will go to secondary school and university. Don't wait till they finish SSCE before running helter-skelter. Sit down, think and plan with your spouse on how to generate more income to cater for the needs of your family.
Laziness is not allowed this 2019! If you don't want to beg your enemies for food, work with your two hands, think and pray for ideas to make more money. If there are spiritual battles working against your finance, you must wage spiritual war and set yourself free.
2. SEX: Religion is the number one enemy of sexual fulfillment in marriage. Tiredness second, sickness third, laziness, the king of all, dirt is part of the gang, malice, their grandfather, poor sexual performance, the chief! Learn different sex styles with your spouse, spice up your sex life! Lying like a log of wood with no body vibration, moaning, squeezing, fondling, caressing and turning each other around is boring for God's sake! That's why many men are having affairs. Bath at least twice daily! It's a sin for couples to go to bed without bathing! Shave off pubic hair, you will enjoy sex better! Brush your mouth as well, no one likes to swallow stinking saliva! Enjoy sex for God's sake, why do you hate different sex styles? What is wrong with you? What is your problem?
3. SOCIAL MEDIA: Some couples don't talk anymore. They talk to phones instead. Please, when hubby/wifey/children need you, drop the phone and talk to them. Poor communication is the reason so many couples are having problems in their marriages. Learn to talk to your spouse when you are having challenges in your marriage. Approach them in a humble, loving, mature and caring way. We all love to listen to gentle, loving, caring people. If you are hot tempered, harsh, critical, abusive and don't know how to approach issues, your spouse will avoid you in the home, stop listening to you, won't take to correction and your marriage will break down. That won't be your portion in Jesus name.
Couples work on this areas. Mature singles take note.
Let's do the needful and save our marriages from unnecessary troubles, you will have abundant peace of mind and enjoy heaven on earth in your marriage.
See you next time, thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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