Tuesday, 8 January 2019


1. Pray and be sure you really heard God or you chose right. You need to do the final assessment before you head the altar. What some singles call God's will is nothing but stupidity in full display!
2. Study each other and be sure your personality agrees. What most singles are doing with sex in courtship, I'm yet to understand! The real work they suppose to do, they won't! You close your eyes to his hot temper and cheating, have sex like you are possessed, close your brain to sound judgement and go right ahead and marry him. Don't come crying here he sleeps around and beats you in marriage ooo, no one will listen to you, you hear?
3. Go for counselling! "Love is blind" they say but anointed counsellors/men/women of God have very sharp spiritual eyes spitting with fire to help you open them! If you are running away from counselling, you are a suspect! There are millions of cockroaches in your cupboard!
4 Read! They won't! It is clothes, hair and shoes they will be spending money on including pre-wedding photo shoot! An exam you don't prepare for, you will fail woefully in it! Prepare for marriage by reading godly books by godly authors or you will weep badly in your marriage!
5. Talk! If you can't have any meaningful discussion without fighting/arguing from now till Jesus comes without reaching any form of compromise/agreement, either you should both grow up or simply end the relationship!
6. Prepare to be a husband/wife by learning from successfully married couples, reading books, listening to tapes and attending special programmes, seminars.
7. Avoid sin! If you spend all your courtship time caressing, fondling and having sex, you need deliverance!
Alright, there you go UNCOMMON SINGLES, take your time to study your partner before making a journey of no return. Once married, that is the end!
May God gives you the wisdom to do what is right and prepare well for your marital future. You will not mischoose!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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