Thursday, 10 January 2019


You can't expect anyone to act like your spouse. Couples land in trouble whenever they compare their spouse with someone else. Every marriage is unique so is yours.
You can't ask your husband to start changing your baby's diapers and wash your underwears because your best friend's husband does it neither can you expect your wife to always kneel down for you while serving your meal because your friend's wife does it to her husband.
People land in troubled waters when envying someone else's spouse. Zuma went green with envy when her friend told her her husband does the chores while her friend, Olumo was jealous of her because she lives in a mansion. Olumo's husband had a job that was not paying much and he always arrive early. They could not eat 3 square meals comfortably and they lived in one room apartment though the man loved her very much and always assist with the chores. Zuma who lives in a mansion married a top business executive who loves her so much and always provide for her needs, money was not her problem but her husband was always too busy to assist her at home so he hired a maid for her. Both of them had good husbands who love them and take care of them but lack of contentment is eating away their happiness and sowing seeds of jealousy!
We are all unique that is why God gives us different spouses who meet our individual needs. Our personality and future are not thesame so we all can't marry spouses who treat us exactly thesame way.
A man can't force his wife to praise him on the social media the way I praise my husband neither should the wife expect her husband to be 100% involved in what she does like my husband does, we are all different.
Celebrate your spouse. Accept them for who they are and appreciate their efforts.
Close your eyes against what others are doing and concentrate on your spouse. The reward of contentment is a blissful marriage, peace of mind and marital fulfilment. May the Lord help you.

© Seun Oladele.

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