Tuesday, 22 January 2019


I've seen extremely beautiful women go green with jealousy when they meet a lady not as physically endowed as they are. The cause? Lack of contentment!
You can't have everything! You can't be very fair skinned and chocolate in complexion at the same time! God who made you fair skinned or dark knows exactly what He is doing! That is exactly what you need to succeed in life. Your complexion and body size is part of the package you need to fulfil your destiny. If you alter it, you alter your destiny! Be contented!
Some people have extremely beautiful face but the body shape is not a figure 8! That face may be what you need in the fulfillment of your destiny! Some ladies are very much physically endowed but the face may not be what they want. Celebrate your uniqueness.
Don't worry about attracting the right husband. God has prepared a man who will so fall in love with all of you including your face and body just the way you are!
I so love my short stature. I so love it when my followers say, "wow! You are not as big in stature as I thought." I so love it when I look physically small compared with my siblings, most of my friends and followers who look bigger and some fatter than I am. It's so flattering for me. I don't know why some ladies go into depression because people think they are far younger than their age. I prefer to look far younger, slimmer and smarter than my age. That's sexy to my husband!
Appreciate what you have, be contented. You don't need to bleach your skin. No matter how "ugly" you think you are, someone is dying to have what you are naturally endowed but despise. Thank God for your beauty. We are all fearfully, wonderfully and beautifully made.
Below is the picture of Queen who started growing massive hair all over her body when she clocked 21. A lot of people stare at her to the point of doubting her gender. I understand why the boobs are exposed. She had to proof a point but honestly to me, she is beautiful. I love her lips, eyes, full hair on her head and she's got a beautiful set of teeth. Her relaxed smile is also enchanting.
Although the facial hair is an abnormality hence her calling on good Samaritans to help, I think shaving off (though it's a Herculean task) especially when it also affects the chest region will make her look and feel better.
No woman is ever ugly. We are all beautiful. All we need is good food, good (not bleaching) cream, good hairdo, good clothes, regular bath, regular brushing of teeth and adequate rest. With that, my dear, you are a beauty to behold.
See you next time. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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