Friday, 11 January 2019


I want to beg "brothers" to please stop sleeping with sisters in the name of "friendship". Some brothers are godly but most are not. Please, if you know you won't marry her, even if you are courting her but have not wedded her, please, for God's sake, keep her holy and help her keep her testimony. You will earn her respect and her future husband will honour you forever!
I had a male friend for eleven solid years! I knew him shortly after I gave mylife to Christ. We were so close yet he NEVER took advantage of me. We only shook hands twice in all our 11 years of friendship. That was all the physical contact we had. He is a happily married man today. My husband told me recently: "Seun, I really respect your friend. He deserves my honour for helping me keep my wife throughout his friendship with you. He is the best friend you ever had."
I was touched by that statement and from the bottom of my heart, I thanked God for giving me such a friend in the past. Please, brothers! Preserve our sisters. Do not destroy their testimonies. Don't kill their self esteem out of your selfish desire for sex. Please, keep your integrity. Be a man of self respect and honour. Her future husband will honour you forever for being a brazen light and rare gem in this corrupt generation. 

God bless you my brother. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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