Friday, 4 January 2019

Happy New Year: Welcome to 2019.

We can finally sigh!

We are excited and at the same time thankful for your support as our audience

We strongly believe you have our back as we progress into the future; trying to fulfill our dreams of re-inventing media through the kinds of news we bring to you on our platforms (online news, online radio, online television, online library), information, discoveries, entertainment, events and the strategy we are adopting to make the world connected to you and not the other way round. We believe the world now needs us more to survive because we can all one day move to mass or moon!

At Unicorn Media & Communications, we are trying to play our part(s) to resolve the future and this involves you as our audience as you remain the final piece of the puzzle. You are why we do what we do. Not for financial gains but for solutions and the love we have for what we do.

We are thinking of sustainability through what we do and this can primarily be achieved in community. So in 2019, we are ready to form a community inside a community that would positively re-enact good practice of journalism without compromise, freedom of speech without taking back, broadcasting without favor of nobody but unalloyed media.

Hope you are ready as we are ready to reach our dreams together with you.

From me to you; “Happy New Year!”

                                                                    Olagunju, Success Taiwo 
(Founder & MD Unicorn Media & Communications; a subsidiary of Unicorn Conglomerate {Pty} Ltd)

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