Tuesday, 8 January 2019


Enjoy a better marriage this year by meeting the needs of your husband/wife.
Men in the name of God need tenderness and mercy! Men need compassion, loving care, plenty dose of affection and constant forgiveness.
All these tit for tat thing should go with 2018. Your husband gets mad at you not because he hates but because he is angry or frustrated about something.
In the past, a man's anger annoys me! I hated seeing a man get angry or crazy over a minor thing! I expected them to be made of iron, well composed all the time and have all the answers to everyone's problems! Of course, that is immature, low thinking! Marriage and years of counselling have taught me that, our men are made of flesh and blood not stone and metal!
Men carry plenty load women don't want to see. Paying bills, meeting all your needs, facing pressure at work, spiritually, financially, emotionally and psychologically can drain a man! 2018 economy wasn't funny! We hope it gets better this year! Show that man compassion, treat him well, understand him, shower him plenty affection, loving kindness and sex, you will experience heaven on earth in your marriage.
Women need care, a listening ear, an understanding heart, warm affectionate hand and tender hearted kindness! The pressure of going to work, combining business with home making/running can turn a gentle woman into an irritable, worried, fretting woman. Understand your wife this 2019 and beyond! When she is shouting, she is crying to be heard, understood and loved and that's all.
Let that criticism perish with 2018! Correct in love but don't criticize!
Make your ears available to listen to her worries, concern and fears. Problems shared is half solved and less threatening.
Be more patient this year and beyond, be determined to make your marriage better this year! learn to listen whole heartedly to your spouse. Shut down the phone and really give attention.
Respect, honour and celebrate each other both in private and public. Your marriage will zoom from nothing to the paradise you never ever dreamt of.
Your marriage shall succeed!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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