Wednesday, 9 January 2019


Everyone gets sad at one point or the other but some allow it to get to depression, some become manic depressed, some become chronically depressed to the point of committing suicide, this is not theory, I know exactly what I'm talking about, I have been there!
I have thought of jumping down the third mainland bridge and end it right there. I had thought of massive killer drugs. I hadn't thought of sniper because I never heard of it then maybe I would have thought of gulping it as well! So what stopped me from taking my life?
God! Only God! No therapy, nothing else but God Himself!
Depression if unchecked will drive you to the point all reasoning faculty shuts down, you can't think again. You live in a dark, lonely world void of human beings except one place, the place of the dead. Depression at the chronic stage can make death look so appealing, so cool, so inviting and it looks like just jumping down that bridge, snuffing your life with the rope up the ceiling or drinking sniper will just put an end to all your sorrow in eternal peace, death looks so blissful but in reality it is not!
What makes people commit suicide? Hopelessness, emptiness, feelings of rejection, injustice, loveless ness, acute failure, mockery, chronic shame, death of a very close, dearly loved one, massive debt with no hope of ever paying back with serious threat on your life, loss of job, reputation etc, they are many, name it!
Depression at the chronic stage is demonic and it carries its evil companion along with it -death -suicide! That will not be your portion in Jesus' name!
Irrational thinking can lead to depression! Unrealistic expectations from people and even yourself can make you break down completely!
See, humans are humans, they are not God. Man will always disappoint only God can't! Don't put all your trust in any human being so when they disappoint you, it won't affect you adversely!
Don't kill yourself because people refuse to help you. David said in Psalms 121, "I will look unto the hills, from whence cometh my help? My help cometh from the Lord..." Always look up to God for help not human beings, men are only His channels, they are not your source of blessing. You can only be helped by someone if God allows them to help you. If not, even if they have billions in their account and you ask for 100 naira, they won't be able to help! Not because they don't wan't to but because they are not the ones God wants to use to help you.
Do not have unrealistic expectations from marriage. Your spouse can't always make you happy, only God can. Your spouse may disappoint, you, only God can't. Your spouse may reject you, only God can't. When you have these thought at the back of your mind, nothing your spouse does will drive you to depression!
You can't force someone to love or marry you. Your life is not attached to your fiancee. God always have a better plan. Your life can be amazing without a man/woman, if they want to go, let them, hold unto God!
Prayer is the solution to all problems of life. No matter how neck deep you are in debt, pray, cry, "Oh God help me!" And he will! An invisible hand will pull you out of the horrible pit and set you high above your problems (Psalm 40). He will give you the strength, wisdom and idea to get out of your problems!
You did something terrible in the past and it's now exposed, suicide is not an option. Yes, you let people down, you disappointed lots of people and so on. You sent your nudes and it went viral. You had extra marital affairs (adultery) and the news is everywhere. Your husband discovered all your children are not his and all hell broke loose! You were dragged in the street, people jeered at you, your pictures and story is everywhere on the Internet, no one to talk to. No one understands. No one wants to listen and you think the only solution is suicide, no! Suicide caused more pain than you think! First is hell fire for taking a life that is not yours but God's, second is the eternal sorrow you will cause your children and family. See, all these brouhaha is for a season, news don't last forever and if anyone chose to keep your news in their hearts forever, that's their business. Learn from your mistake and move on.
Talking when you are depressed is great therapy. But who will you talk to? Talking -sharing your problem is not the issue but finding someone who is loyal, who won't use your information against you or even blackmail. Pray for godly friends, join support groups online, google how to overcome depression, you will see lots of articles, support groups and communities that will help.
Listen to worship songs a lot, they lift your spirit and help you connect with God.
Reach out for help, talk, don't keep quiet.
Avoid staying alone when you feel like harming yourself.
Go for therapy. See a psychiatrist or check into a mental hospital if you the voices in your head are too much to handle. No one says you are mad, who knows? You may be suffering from nervous breakdown and need professional help.
Read loving Bible passages a lot, they will help.
Matter how dark the world is right now, you will come out fine and you will shine (Isaiah 60:1), outstanding victory is yours at last. (Psalm 126). God has not forsaken you, He is right here with you in this problem and will definitely make a way for you (Isaiah 43), nothing can make God loves you less, He always cares (Romans 8). He loves you, deeper, higher, wider and greater than you ever think or imagine.
This is for a season. Everything you are going through right now is just for a season. One day, you will look back and thank God you didn't take your life. I thank God I didn't take my life. NEVER GIVE UP!

©Seun Oladele

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