Thursday, 10 January 2019


I know I am intelligent. Telling me that doesn't make me blush unless I just want to. It's not news to me. I know I am a bold, creative writer with a rare gift of bluntness, audacity and weight in my write ups, yeah, I know, it's not news. I know I am beautiful: fair skinned, short (hubby says I'm average in height though), well rounded and good to look at, yeah, I know, no news. I am what I am by the grace of God.
A guy coming around to tell me that with the hope of seeing me hit the orbit, faint in ecstasy, crash into his waiting arms with a sheepish, stupid, smile of gratitude failed from the start!
So many single ladies have lost their virginity, dignity, honour, self esteem and even bank accounts because a guy says sweet nothings to them!
Lots of married men have abandoned their marriages and run after small, little chickens because she praises him silly!
Many married women are having extra marital affairs because the guy told them she's sexy, curvy and drives a man crazy with her beautiful well rounded body!
Some single men have married Jezebels because they don't know their worth. Know your worth!
You are fearfully and wonderfully made is what the bible says! Stop feeling inferior to anybody. Forget the things you don't have and focus on your strengths, your assets.
F Never compare yourself with anyone, you are uniquely made. I'm blessed with a younger sister who has an amazing, very beautiful voice! Oh, how I love to hear my pretty woman sing! If I should compare myself with her, I will fail woefully! I am not a singer at all. In fact, I'm tone deaf! A lot of people are battling inferiority complex because they ignore their strengths, focus on their weaknesses and compare themselves with others. Focus on your strengths. Develop your talent till it gets international recognition! You will be proud of yourself and really feel good about yourself.
When you know your worth, no man, woman will floor you with their smooth tongue.
'I'm not saying we should not admire or compliment people, I do that a lot. Neither am I saying we should not accept compliments graciously. My primary love language is words of affirmation. I love to hear good things about me nevertheless, we should not build our entire lives on people s opinion or jump into wrong relationships that will jeopardize our future because a guy/ lady tells us great things we dont'know about ourselves and makes our head swell like soaked garri.
Bottom line, know your worth through your Bible and reading good books. Develop your gifts/talent and use it to bless humanity. Be humble, acknowledge God as your source. Appreciate others but don't use it to manipulate them into a wrong relationship with you.
I hope this post is clear?
Y the good Lord grant you understanding. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

@© Seun Oladele

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