Monday, 14 January 2019


Don't allow any man scare you into marrying him, keep your standard high! Half baked, lazy, ignorant men may want to brain wash you into marrying them. Some will even use abuse and threat! They will spew out horrible lies that you will never marry if you keep that standard, men will run away from you and you will stay single till old age! They make marriage look like a golden trophy you are about to lose, you should be damned lucky that they showed interest and before proposal they are already commanding, demeaning, abusing, cajoling, cursing and making threats!
In the name of Jesus Christ I beg you, avoid such men, they are going no where to happen!
Keep your standard! You can't go to the university, suffer, get your degree up to your masters and allow someone who is not ready to learn; is crude, rude, proud, brash, garrulous, loquacious, outright laid back or stupendously proud for nothing, narcissistic, controlling, paranoid and an incurable alpha male make your life a living hell on earth! You can't marry a man that will disgrace you in public. He either learns by carrying his butt right out of the chair, work his skin out, go to GCE center, write his exams, hustle and send himself to the university, brush himself up or he looks for a lady who will accept him just the way he is! If you want someone polished, be polished yourself, if not, forget it!
There is no crime in not going to school but your brain shouldn't be redundant neither should you act like someone living in 1900 as a result. Schooling is different from education. You may not be in the 4 walls of a university, but you keep learning, improving, growing and advancing, that is the point! There are lots of university graduates who look and talk like touts!
Bill Gates of Microsoft was a drop-out for God's sake, like wise Seun Osewa of Naira land! Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook also dropped out of the university! Joyce Meyer only went to High School! Actor Odunlade Adekola attained stardom before entering university! Same for Actress Genevieve Nnaji, Actress Omotola Jolade, etc!
Success is not about which school you attend but how much you use your brain for good!
Marry a man with high moral, intellectual, spiritual standard who is humble enough to keep growing, learning, advancing and changing!
Keep your standard! Do not stoop so low to marry a fornicator, a man with a mobile, worn out, used and dumped penis!
Don't marry a lazy man whose 24 hours get wasted on nothing!
Don't marry a smoker and a drunkard!
Marry a godly man sent from God! If he is from God, his standard will be high! May you not mis-choose!
Hanks for reading. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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