Tuesday, 8 January 2019


No sane man/woman wakes up to sleep around. I'm talking about married people here. If you don't understand how emotional affairs work, you will find yourself deeply enmeshed in adultery and won't even know how it happened!
Emotional affair starts from admiring or appreciating someone's uniqueness, that's all. What's bad in admiring your Pastor for being so anointed and caring? What's the big deal in appreciating your friend's wife who gives you lots of encouragement when you are down? Nothing if it does not go beyond that point.
The moment you start having fondness for them, think more about them and their thought gives you a kind of pleasure or emotional high, you are looking for serious trouble! If you are reaching out more, singling them out, spending more time with them at the expense of your spouse, your marriage needs oxygen!
If you chat a lot, can't do without sending "encouraging" messages all day and you respond to them all, your marriage is about to have an accident!
If you now compare them with your spouse and wish they are the ones you married instead of your spouse, your marriage is seriously attempting suicide!
If you are beginning to "fall in love" and arrange dates in the guise of special counselling, intercessory prayers or evangelism, your marriage is officially in a comma!
If the chemistry is sparkling! Rising! To the point of touching, caressing and fondling, your marriage just had a ghastly accident!
If you outrightly have sex with them, your marriage had a fatal accident, it is dead, partially dead or about to be placed in a mortuary!
Save yourself from trouble this year and beyond! Avoid emotional affairs at all cost. All these saying " I love you", "give me a hug", " you look so sexy" to another person's husband/wife must die this year, that is bull shit, arrant nonsense! Craziness of the highest order, insane!!!
"Can a man carry fire in his bossom and not be burnt?" Is what the holy book says. Don't carry fire on your laps and be speaking in tongues that in simple word is called, madness! Insanity!!!
Be contented with your spouse! If your marriage is sick, work it out instead of chasing side chickens and someone else's spouse all over the places.
There is nothing in their breasts, penises and vaginas! They will destroy your life and marriage, finish you, neat!
Singles in courtship, keep your eyes straight! Once you have found the right person you want to marry, shut your eyes! All these wandering eyes, double dating or double courting must end right now!
Say no to emotional affairs and save your head from trouble!
May the Lord grant you understanding. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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