Friday, 25 January 2019


Not every lady can marry a man who has nothing. Not every lady can marry a man who lives some where less than a 3 bedroom flat and does not have a personal car. There are men who earn good money and live comfortably well as bachelors, there are ladies meant for them.
Not all men will marry without having anything except their vision.
We should stop making ladies who have high expectations look bad and call them gold diggers. Not all ladies are gold diggers. As long as she has her job, she is doing well for herself and knows how to help a man attain a higher level of success, what makes her a gold digger? We all have our taste and preferences. Not everyone can marry without a kobo to their name.
Simply pray for your own God ordained partner who will marry you at what level you are and work with you to achieve greatness.
You can be great while single though. The way a lot of single men fold their hands, do nothing tangible with their lives while waiting for a hardworking daughter of Sarah to rescue them is alarming!
Along with your vision, work hard, pay your bills, and be ready to take care of another man's daughter and your kids.
You don't need to wait till you get married before you count your millions, buy your cars and live comfortably well. You can be a millionaire while single. You can make it, you can be great! Who told you your destiny is under lock and key till you get married?
Hardworking ladies deserve hardworking men who are very much into their vision, work and business and has every trace of success in them.
If you have a vision of becoming a successful business man, start now. Stop waiting for a woman to help you start, start! She can only encourage and support what you are doing not about to do!
Give it your best! Learn everything you need to learn about running a business and give it your best! That was what Faith Oyedepo saw in Bishop Oyedepo and married him! She didn't follow a loser! She married a winner! Same for Gloria Bamiloye, Tara Durotoye, Michelle Obama, etc. These guys were pursuing their vision with passion before they got married!
Enough of sleeping till 8 '0' clock in the morning with saliva at the corner of your mouth and towel around your waist!
No one wants to marry a failure! Go out and make your life a success and successful ladies will be attracted to you.
You are destined to be great. Do not settle for less. Work hard at your vision and make a success out of it. A virtuous woman will only agree to marry you if you are working very hard at your vision and you have a high prospect of becoming great! That is a way to guarantee she won't suffer forever in your marriage! Your vision must bring in money sooner or later, if it will not, you are joking!
May the Lord grant you understanding. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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