Wednesday, 30 January 2019


So many ladies today are very stingy, super stingy, macro stingy, wickedly stingy, dangerously stingy, hell fire stingy on their men!
Come on, there is no law that says you shouldn't take your partner out on date. When last did you buy him a gift? Why must he always give you transport fare when you visit? When last did you buy him a recharge card or nice gift? Even if you don't give him anything must you always demand for money like he is your ATM and turn him to Central bank of recharge cards?
Men want gifts too. He wants to feel loved and cared for. Gift do wonders. It means you think about him and care a lot. That's why ungodly men demand for sex after "investing" a lot in their partners.
Relationship is give and give. Not give and take! Don't take till you empty him of his purse and sanity! I'm not encouraging men to demand for premarital sex, it is wrong. I'm explaining why they do so.
Ladies, go into relationships to give too not just to take. Both of you should give to each other. Men will respect you for that.
But how will you give when your bank account is red? Nobody is asking you to give a huge cheque or #45,000,000:00 Porsechy ride! #200 recharge card, #500 perfume, #2,000 shirt, even #100 Suya is okay! Surprise your man occasionally and let him know you are a blessing to him not use him as a blessing!
Wives should always surprise hubby with gifts. Never go to the market and come back without something for hubby: gala, chin chin, ice cream, handkerchief, something! Just let him know he is special and you think about him all the time.
And when God blesses you, what stops you from buying your man a Benz G Wagon, private jet or the whole America? Let's up our game ladies, let's be generous givers to our men. Let us show them we can love, care and give as much as they do.
Don't turn giving to competition though. Some ladies have security issues and always retaliate his gifts with bigger gifts to show she doesn't come cheap and can take care of herself.
Look, no matter how fat your bank account is, your man want to be the man and take care of you so please, let him do so. Stop throwing your weight around and compete with everything he does for you. You don't need it and he certainly doesn't either.
The point of this post is this: giving is a two way thing. It is a sign of love to our partners. True lovers give. It is not only the man that should do the giving. Both should. Husbands and wives should learn to give to each other.
Be a hardworking lady, learn to make money and learn to give to your man. Don't be in a relationship with a user though. Some men today are lazy and looking for hardworking, rich ladies to take care of all their bills and expenses while they do nothing except watch movies and sleep.
Use your discretion!
May the Lord grant you understanding.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun oladele

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