Tuesday, 22 January 2019


As much as it is very good to marry young, please, don't crash into a wrong marriage because of your age. Take it easy!
A wrong marriage is somewhere you don't want to be regardless of your age. It is better to marry late and marry right than marry early and marry wrong! Advancement in age does not guarantee you will pick right though! There are lots of twenty something years olds marrying right and lots of oldies marry very wrong out of desperation. There are lots of youngies picking wrong too due to haste and ignorance!
Take your time, do your home work well, understand what marriage is really about before taking the plunge! I don't like ignorant, lazy singles who are not ready to read disturb me for unnecessary counselling! The solution to your problems are in the pages of life transforming books, go and read! Practice what you read! If you are ignorant and lazy, you can't have a good marriage, how? You want to steal it?
Take your time. Relax your head. Have a strong relationship with God. Hear him daily so He can lead you to your spouse and you can hear correctly when He leads you! If you don't read your Bible and pray daily, sorry, you may mischoose big time! Have a strong, daily personal relationship with the Lord!
That angels appear in the dream saying someone is your spouse does not mean you should do kwashiorkor courtship and jump into marriage! Study your partner well. 2 years courtship is not too long if you value your life and destiny.
When I pray for singles here, I don't pray blindly. I either say, you will MEET your soul mate this year (Meeting, not marrying), after meeting, you should do a two year thorough investigation about them and be very sure it was God you heard before embarking on a journey of no return. Or I say, you will MARRY this year. Which means, you've courted your partner for at least 2 years but circumstances or finances is preventing you from getting married. I pray that those obstacles will be rolled away and you will get married on time.
Take things easy. Don't kill yourself if your partner is not forthcoming yet, however, don't fold your arms either. You need to work on your character, your vision, business, career and destroy all spiritual strongholds like curses and covenants, spells, spiritual spouse, sickness, etc that may want to cause marital delay.
Do not let anyone pressurize you into a marriage you are not ready for. Take your time and prepare well. May the good Lord grant you understanding.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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