Monday, 14 January 2019


Money is one of the leading causes of divorce world-wide! Not facing reality in courtship is preparing for grand divorce in marriage!
For all the ladies who keep singing, "Money does not matter in marriage, it is love that matters!" I hope you've read the Bible passages that said "Money answereth all things." Jesus was so holy and pure, a miracle worker with a burning passion to liberate the world, yet he always had money! Judas Iscariot was his treasurer!
To all the ladies who say "only vision matters" when choosing a spouse, some divorced women said something stupid like that years before they got divorced!
Yes, vision matters. A man without vision is a disaster going some where to happen! Marry a man with vision! Yes, don't run after money, neither should you date Yahoo Boys but your Landlord won't hear stories after marriage neither would manna drop from heaven after honey moon!
Talk about money!
1. How much do you both earn right now?

2. How do you plan to increase your income to accommodate your growing family in marriage? What you earn at the beginning of marriage may not sustain you when kids start coming.

3. How long do you want to earn salaries before starting your own business?

4. How will your vision generate money to take care of family needs?

5. Who will take care of bills in the home?

6. Who will pay for feeding and clothing?

7. What are your yearly financial goals for your marriage?
8. How much will you send to your parents monthly?       

9. How much will you be saving every month?

10. What will the savings be used for?

11. How can you both work together on your vision to make financial profits?

12. For those going into full time ministry, how will you feed, clothe your family and pay bills? 
Thoroughly discuss this and come to agreement before heading the altar!
Lack of financial agreement is the reason many marriages are in crises today.
You have lots of serious issues to trash out in courtship, you shouldn't have time for sex for God's sake! Do you understand what marriage is about at all?
Both of you should read books on understanding vision, financial freedom, goal setting and agreement in marriage, they will help a lot. Don't yourself up for financial disappointment in marriage. Prepare well, so you won't end up in shame! May the good Lord grant you understanding.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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