Friday, 11 January 2019


I like the way my husband looks at me. I like the way he admires me from the back and lets me catch him doing so without blinking, I like the way he "jams" me unexpectedly like he did this morning and gathered me affectionately in his warm, loving arms. I like the way Adewunmi tells me I am beautiful. I like him assisting me with chores and helping to bath our 2 sons. I love my husband so much.
There is a girl in every woman that wants to be loved, chased and pampered. Pamper your wife. Don't let it stop at courtship. Your wife needs your admiration and love over and over again, we never get tired of wanting, needing and desiring them.
If you have neglected your wife. Start right now, start today. Perhaps, it's the reason she is angry, bitter and mad at you. It is the reason there is so much tension and bitterness in your home. Perhaps, it is the reason her beauty and virtues are not showing forth.
It is never too late to begin again. Please, start again. You will be glad you did. I love you so much my darling Adewunmi, you da best! Muaaah!

© Seun Oladele

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